DASH Award for Citizen Drug Warriors

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DTN Offers: The "DASH" Award

A true compassionate conservative, E. Darrell "Dash" Obrecht, (and wife Dot), decided to make a difference, to help bring about a change to the 90+ year old policy of drug prohibition.

In the spring of 2002, they decided to step up to the plate.

An international conference on drugs
was held at the James A. Baker Institute for Policy Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Without telling me, their son and drug war reporter they had done so, Dot and Darrell were second amongst the funders of the conference, following only Halliburton.

The DASH Award: $100.00

Awarded each month to the best reason "DASHed" to the Drug Truth Network via email to dean@drugtruth.net

Requirements: Send your 12 words (or less) summation of why the drug war is a success, on why it needs to continue, to the email listed above. Include your name, address and phone number.

(This is not a fictional contest.)

We will choose the best essay each month, contact the writer, record them and then broadcast their summation over the airways of the Drug Truth Network and send each winner a check for $100.00

I will respond to your "reason" over the airways in 12 words or less.

(You cannot win this award more than once.)

Call 713-849-6869 or Email

(THANKS to all the individuals and organizations that contributed to the DASH award!)

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar