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US WA: Column: Turkeys Of The Year

Mon, 11/25/2024 - 08:00
Seattle Weekly, 25 Nov 2024 - Time to reveal this year's cannabis turkeys-the fattest, most frivolous, flapping, dumb-ass ideas in need of being stuffed, baked, and smoked once and for all. Let's start with a turkey large enough for the whole family, and by that I mean Gov. Chris Christie. He not only had the nerve to call cannabis a gateway drug, but said potheads lack restraint (ahem). "If I'm elected president I will go after marijuana smokers and the states that allow them to smoke," he said. "I'll shut them down big-time. I'm sick of these addicts, sick of these liberals with no self-control." Governor GobbleGobble got in one more zinger on the campaign trail: "If you're getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it," Christie lectured a small crowd last month. "As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws." Don't hold your breath, Guv. Well, unless you inhaled, of course.

US OR: Column: Green Friday

Sat, 11/26/2016 - 08:00
Portland Mercury, 26 Nov 2016 - I ONCE WROTE a column about how cannabis growers shifted their operations indoors during the eight-year tenure of a senile president who acted in movies with a chimpanzee ["Indica Nation," Cannabuzz, Oct 8, 2014]. Ronald Reagan's fervent, jelly bean-fueled belief that people would stop enjoying cannabis simply because someone said "no" was paired with a full-scale assault on cannabis producers. People who had grown outside for years suddenly found helicopters manned by officers of the peace wielding semi-automatic weapons circling their properties. That served as incentive enough for outdoor growers to trade in their greenhouses for grow lights, HVAC systems, and high power bills. Over the years, people began to talk trash about cannabis produced outdoors (also known as "eco-friendly" and "sun-grown"). People complained that it wasn't strong enough, that it was too leafy or too harsh.

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4 hours 31 min ago

CN ON: Cannabis Culture Store Plans To Reopen Today

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
The Peterborough Examiner, 27 Sep 2016 - The Cannabis Culture store in downtown Peterborough plans to reopen for business on Tuesday at 10 a.m. after closing following a city police raid earlier this month. Marijuana advocate and Cannabis Culture stores chain founder Marc Emery said Monday afternoon that the store at 382 George St. N. will reopen Tuesday at 10 a.m. and resume its operating hours of 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

CN ON: OPED: Dangers Of Stoned Driving Loom Large

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
Ottawa Sun, 27 Sep 2016 - As the federal government is planning to introduce legislation next year to begin the process of legalizing and regulating marijuana in Canada, there is an unprecedented urgency to end a new driving behaviour before it is too late. We have to get this right. It's essential all public safety officials and elected representatives make sure the same knowledge that exists around seatbelts and car seats saving lives exists around driving sober from alcohol and drugs.

CN BC: RCMP Raid Second Pot Shop

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
Alberni Valley News, 27 Sep 2016 - Port Alberni RCMP arrested four Port Alberni residents at the Port Alberni Cannabis Club on Bute Street on Thursday, Sept. 22. This is the second search warrant the RCMP have executed at a marijuana dispensary in Port Alberni this month. West Side Alternatives on Athol Street was raided by RCMP on Sept. 16. Five individuals were charged and are awaiting their December trial date.

CN ON: City Wants Marijuana Farm Licences Revoked

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
The Tribune, 28 Sep 2016 - Port Colborne will ask Health Canada to revoke licences to grow medical marijuana at a greenhouse on Pinecrest Road, in the wake of last week's armed robbery there when two people were held at gunpoint. Niagara Regional Police reported last week that while searching the property, officers found 3,400 plants growing in the greenhouse.

CN ON: Second Pot Shop To Open Downtown

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
The Peterborough Examiner, 28 Sep 2016 - Cannabis Culture reopens after raid, while Trent University business student prepares to open another marijuana store Peterborough's marijuana store, Cannabis Culture, reopened Tuesday morning, with city police announcing that the opening has their attention.

CN ON: Top Cops Want Tools To Handle 'Potent' Drugs

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
The Sault Star, 28 Sep 2016 - City police brass want more training, and equipment, for officers to deal with potentially hazardous narcotics. Fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamines are increasing in popularity among drug users, said Deputy Chief Sean Sparling during a Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board meeting Tuesday at Civic Centre.

CN ON: Column: It's Time To Debate A Safe Injection Site

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
Hamilton Spectator, 26 Sep 2016 - Each day 700 people line up to get into the Insite supervised safer injection facility in Vancouver. They come to inject pre-obtained heroin and cocaine in a clean environment, with clean needles, under the watchful eye of nurses, addiction doctors, counsellors and peer volunteers.

CN ON: OPED: There Is No Simple Or Quick Fix To Our Society's Opioid

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 07:00
Toronto Star, 26 Sep 2016 - Early one morning, while leaving my downtown Toronto home, I heard the quiet crying of a young woman lying in the alleyway. I saw a tourniquet and needle on the ground, her valuables scattered in disarray. I stopped and offered to take her to a centre where she could get help. Tragically, this is an all-too-common occurrence across the country. Scenarios like this will only increase if we restrict opioid prescribing for chronic pain. We have an opioid abuse problem in Canada, but we must be careful about how we address it.

CN ON: 'I Was In Shock,' Mother Says

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 07:00
Kingston Whig-Standard, 24 Sep 2016 - Kingston woman whose daughter was stuck by needle at city park wants it to be a lesson for all A Kingston business owner, blogger and mother is warning parents to talk to their children about discarded needles after her daughter stuck herself with one earlier this month.

US IL: We Need To Standardize Marijuana Laws

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 07:00
The Journal Standard, 25 Sep 2016 - I've been thinking a lot lately about marijuana. No, it's not what you suspect, I don't smoke the stuff. Nor do I need it to alleviate pain. Rather, it's our country's schizophrenic way of dealing with "weed." Here in Stephenson County is In Grown Farms, which is perfectly legal and is growing marijuana plants to be harvested, packaged and sold at marijuana dispensaries as medicine.

CN BC: OPED: New Pot Laws Could Bust Rural BC's Economy

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 07:00
Focus, 22 Sep 2016 - BC growers worry they will be cut out of the equation as governments move towards legalization. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise to legalize marijuana could cripple an underground economy in British Columbia that experts at Simon Fraser University's Sauder School of Business estimate is worth $2 to $5 billion dollars a year.

CN BC: Few Treatment Options For Young Addicts

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 07:00
Globe and Mail, 26 Sep 2016 - Worried about their teenage daughter's drug use and signs of depression, a Vancouver area couple began to secretly monitor her life on social media. What they found propelled them into a desperate quest to find medical treatment: Their daughter, unwilling to talk with them, was openly discussing suicide, self-harm and an escalating dependence on hard drugs with her friends. "I'm alive because I'm too scared to kill myself," she text messaged one day. Other texts revealed that she was stealing to pay back debts to dealers and her casual embrace of dangerous party drugs. She wrote that on one day, she did a "ton of e [ecstasy] and the next a bit of mdma." The drugs may have numbed her depression in the short term, but only made things worse. "Why is it so impossible to be happy?" she posted to her network of peers.

CN BC: Some Shops Not Wanted Downtown

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:00
Mission City Record, 23 Sep 2016 - Zoning change proposed to ban new tattoo, tobacco and cheque cashing business from opening Following an announcement two weeks ago that the District of Mission will be spending $3.5 million to enhance the downtown area, Mayor Randy Hawes has now asked for zoning changes that will forbid several types of businesses from being allowed to set up shop in the area.

CN BC: Discarded Needles A Growing Challenge For City

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:00
Langley Times, 23 Sep 2016 - Unlimited distribution, but no pick-up As part of its harm reduction strategy, Fraser Health offers an unlimited supply of needles to intravenous drug users. But the local health authority does not recover those needles once they've been used - - a fact which has become more evident in Langley parks, streets, at the doorways of businesses and on trails and even school grounds throughout the Township and City.

US AZ: Donor Trouble

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:00
Tucson Weekly, 22 Sep 2016 - Big Pharma steps up to oppose recreational weed initiative A couple weeks ago, we took a look at opioid use and prescription in Arizona and how states have seen a decrease in opioid overdoses after legalizing medical marijuana ("An MMJ Win," Sept. 1).

CN BC: Health Authority Is Rigorous On Restaurants, But With Pot

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:00
Globe and Mail, 24 Sep 2016 - If you click on Vancouver Coastal Health's running tally of food-establishment closings, you'll find that three Vancouver restaurants have been closed so far this month. One for a day, one for three days, and one, which was closed on Sept. 19, is still listed as "pending." The restaurants were cited for such things as inadequate dishwashing, unsanitary conditions and pest infestation. The names and addresses of the restaurants are there as well, should you want to avoid them.

CN BC: Health Canada Saw Cannabis Lab Reports

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:00
Globe and Mail, 24 Sep 2016 - Health Canada has confirmed it reviewed lab reports warning that dangerous chemicals not approved for any human use were found in cannabis sold at dispensaries in Vancouver, but took no action. Health Minster Jane Philpott issued a statement late Friday acknowledging that her staff had discussed the lab results with Tilray, a licensed producer of medical marijuana based in Nanaimo, B.C., that sent the warning to Health Canada. Dr. Philpott's statement comes a day after the Health Minister was unclear about whether she had seen the lab results, telling The Globe and Mail, "I'm not sure what document you are referring to."

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