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02/03/13 Joe Elford

Sun - Atty Joe Elford of Americans for Safe Access to cannabis

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02/03/13 Nate Jones

Nate Jones a Fellow at the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy re failure of drug war tactics in US and Mexico, Dr. William Courtney from HuffPo, Doub McVay on the use of Butane in making cannabis extracts, Chief Greenbud sings "Its' 4:20 Somewhere"

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02/03/13 Terry Nelson

NY Times story on mass suicides of US veterans, Pres Jimmy Carter re legal marijuana, Tx cops conduct public/pubic search, Meth V MJ Master Debaters, Gun Ray Guns in NY, Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, song: Legalize

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Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar