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03/10/13 Doug McVay

Sun - Doug McVay of Common Sense Drug Policy re "Fact checking the drug czar"

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03/10/13 Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren chastizes US drug war tactics, Bloomberg report on cannabis use in Silicon Valley, Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn opening cannabis shop in Wash DC, Valerie Corral re cannabis use, death and dignity

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03/10/13 Debbie Goldsberry

From WASH DC: Debbie Goldsberry re progress of cannabis laws, Aaron Houston of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Michael McGuffin Pres of Amer Herbal Products Assoc, Aaron Prask of Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries & Diane Fornbacher Co-Chair NORML Womens Alliance

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar