04/09/10 - Scott Bullock

Fri - Scott Bullock with Institute for Justice 2/2

2:59 minutes (1.37 MB)

04/08/10 - Scott Bullock

Thu - Scott Bullock with Institute for Justice on Policing For Profit

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/07/10 - Dean Becker

Wed - US drug Czar courtesy ABC TV

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/06/10 - Allison Holcomb

Tue - Allison Holcomb of Wash state ACLU re rights of MJ using employees

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)


3:00 minutes (1.37 MB)

04/04/10 - Jerry Epstein

Jerry Epstein of Drug Policy Forum of Texas on why the drug war continues, Extract from Bill Moyers "Journal" + Russians bring out their dead, Courtesy BBC

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

04/04/10 - Scott Bullock

Scott Bullock of Justice Institute on "Policing for Profit", Allison Holcom of ACLU, ABC interview of drug czar Gil, BBC report on heroin injection in Vancouver

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

04/05/10 - Dean Becker

Mon - Russians bring out their dead, Courtesy BBC

3:00 minutes (1.37 MB)

03/28/10 - Sanho Tree

Neill Franklin, working Maryland cop & the new director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Mason Tvert of Safer Choice, Sanho Tree of Institute for Policy Studies in Wash DC

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

03/28/10 - Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia, sheriff of Harris County Texas discusses failings of drug war, need for change

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

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