The Unvarnished Truth

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Dean Becker, host of Drug Truth Network radio shows reports on the drug war from HMSTV in Houston.

Unvarnished Truth #15

Correspondent Dean Becker, Jerry Epstein Pres of Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Steve Nolin Pres of Houston NORML, Obama comment on racial disparity, Stanley Brothers grow weed for patients courtesy NatGeo, Hunter S Thompson re logic of drug war, James Baker Institute teams with S. Tex Law college to rewrite Tex drug laws & Doug McVay of Drug War Facts re pain meds

Unvarnished Truth #14

Debate between former congressman and drug czar Asa Hutchinson & Ethan Nadelmann the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance

Unvarnished Truth #13

Rob Kampia Dir of Marijuana Policy Project, drug law alliance of Baker Institute & S. Tex Law College, Dr. Carl Hart on Tavis Smiley, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, report on cost of prison phone calls, NBC report on cannabis use by kids, pot smugglers go free on border, Daniel Robello of Drug Policy Alliance, Dave De La Paz, Mary McCallif & Maria Villanueva of Caravan for Peace & Sam Salzazar of Marijuana 411

Unvarnished Truth #12

Correspondent Dean Becker, Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Wertmueller co authors of Mystic Chemist, Andrew Feldmar, Fred a MAPS volunteer, Prof Tom Kingsley Brown, Dr.James Fadiman, Dr. David Nichols, Lawrence O'Donnel clip & Dr. Ben Sessa

Unvarnished Truth #11

Features Mike Hyde, Judge James Gray, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, A Clockwork Red, Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence & Keith Stroup of NORML

Unvarnished Truth #10

Psychedelic Science 2013: Brad Burge of MAPS, Prof Charles Grob, Nurse Maria Manjini, Diana Slatterly, A Clockwork RED, Steven Gutwillig of DPA, Bill Maher clip & interview with Tommy

Unvarnished Truth #9

Host Dean Becker interviews Neill Franklin Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Nuvo Kapaz Portugese Drug Commissioner, Swiss scientist Dr. Peter Gasser, Kendrick Speagle Dir of Salubrity Health Center, Aaron Houston Dir of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Bill Rosendahl LA city councilman, reports: Med marijuana in Wash DC, NY Times: Crack Baby Scare a lie, A Clockwork RED, Cannabus comes to Houston & Bourbon & Schwartz: "Weed at WalMart"

Unvarnished Truth #8

Interviews with Ann Lee founder of Republcans Against Marijuana Prohibition, Denise Cullen of Broken No More, Gretchen Burns Bergman of A New Path, Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence, Ben Jealous Pres of NAACP + a tribute to passing of Mike Gray author of Drug Crazy.

Unvarnished Truth # 7 : Cannabis Therapeutics In D.C.

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Elvy Musika who gets 300 joints each month from the DEA, Dr. Jeff Hergenrther re cannabis use for Crohns disease, Dr. Robert Melamede Pres of Cannabis Science + Doug McVay with Drug War Facts

Reports From Wash DC & Natl Medical Cannabis Unity Conference

Philippe Lucas of Vancouver Island Compassion Society, BIll Piper of Drug Policy Alliance, Gar Roberts a Maryland activist, Howard Wooldridge of Citizens Opposing Prohibition, Amy Rising of Iraq Vets against the war, Michael Krawitz of Vets for Med Cannabis, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, Aaron Justice of "Buds and Roses", Dr. David Bearman, Mimi Friedman of Colorado Patients Group + clips from major media.

From the ASA National Cannabis Unity conference in Washington, D.C.

DTN host Dean Becker, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Aaron Houston of SSDP, Aaron Prausk of Canadian Assoc of Cannabis Dispensaries, Michael McGuffen of Amer Herbal Products, look at a Seatle MJ Super Store, R.I. Dispensary opening, Rabbi Kahn to open Tacoma Wellness Center in Wash DC, Daisy Brahn needs her children, Bloomberg: coders and programmers need MJ, traveler nixes border patrol intrusion, Diane Fornbacher publisher of LadyBud magazine, Melissa Fultz re Ark MJ efffort, Jeff Jones chancelor of Oaksterdam Univ, Neill Franklind Exec Dir LEAP & Valerie Corral Dir of WAMM

Russ Jones a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition joins UT host Dean Becker. Additional videos from around the continent re failure of drug war.

Good, Bad and Ugly

Stem to Stern

Host Dean Becker, a speaker for LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) harvests drug war news from around the world and gathers interviews and speeches of major players in drug reform. This weeks program includes segments with Dr. Andrew Weill, Drug Policy Alliance's Ethan Nadelmann, segments from Fox, CNN, Israeli TV and much more. Marijuana, Mexico and madness all in one hour. DVDs and Blueray copies available free to Public and Independent stations.

Opening Up A Can Of Worms

Segments on this first of our weekly one hour shows feature segments on the Caravan for Peace, Sen Patrick Leahy, Portland reporter Doug McVay, Jack Cole of LEAP and segments from around the US showcasing the horrors we inflict on ourselves via the policy of drug prohibition. Public and college TV stations are invited to procure blue ray copies, free of charge and all are invited to share the Unvarnished Truth.

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar