Launched in early 2001, Cultural Baggage, hosted by Dean Becker, is the only nationally distributed radio program focused on discussing the war on drugs. 

The weekly, half-hour program features interviews with prominent experts, such as U.S. Representatives John Conyers (D-MI) and Ron Paul (R-TX); Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman; and Superior Court Judge James Gray. 

Cultural Baggage features timely and candid interviews with elected officials, judges, scientists, doctors,  authors, entertainers, police officers, wardens, prisoners, and patients about current drug war issues, such as medical marijuana, sentencing reform, racial profiling, and police corruption.


"Tap dancing... on the edge of an abyss."

 Dean Becker 

 Host, Producer & Director: Cultural Baggage & 4:20 Drug War News 


After investing twelve thousand hours researching U.S. drug policy and conducting interviews with hundreds of experts, Dean Becker, executive producer of DTN, concludes, “The war on drugs is the largest fraud ever perpetrated.” And, now, through current news reporting and in-depth interviews with critics and supporters of the drug war, Becker is bringing the truth about the drug war to eager audiences in North America.



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Each week, you can count on fresh and compelling content for the Cultural Baggage show. From the “Name that Drug By It’s Side Effects” quiz, to the “Poppygate” report, to the “Drug War Hero or Coward” award, there is always something new for your listeners.


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Dean Becker

Executive Producer
Drug Truth Network
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