04/09/24 Ganna Dovbakh

Century of Lies
Ganna Dovbakh
UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs

This week on Century of Lies: #CND67 Part Four: The Side Events. On this edition of Century of Lies, Part Four of our coverage of the Sixty-Seventh Session of the UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs and we hear highlights from some of the many side events that were held alongside the CND meetings, including Ganna Dovbakh with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association on “Addressing Human Rights Challenges Related to Drug Use in Humanitarian and Other Crisis Settings”.   Andrzej Celinski with the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs and Steve Rolles with the Transform Drug Policy Foundation on “From Synthetic Drug Threats to Synthetic Drug Realities: Examining the Role of Global Drug Policies and Charting a Way Forward”; and Giada Girelli with Harm Reduction International on “The Challenges and Opportunities of Opioid Agonist Treatment in Prison Settings.”

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