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Cultural Baggage

07/17/19 Dr Joao Goulao

Dr Joao Goulao, Portugal's Drug Czar sits down to a lengthy interview with DTN Reporter Dean Becker

Guest(s): Joao Goulao

Download: Audio icon FDBCB071719.mp3


Century of Lies

07/17/19 Alex Stevens

The Scottish Affairs Committee of the UK House of Commons held a hearing on drug policy recently and heard from high-ranking active-duty police officers about the need for harm reduction, including supervised consumption facilities, and decriminalization of simple possession. We'll hear portions of testimony from Professor Alex Stevens, University of Kent, Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs; Chief Inspector Jason Kew, Drugs Policy Lead, Thames Valley; Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson, Police Scotland; and Superintendent Kevin Weir, Durham Police.

Guest(s): Alex Stevens
Link(s): Drug War Facts


4:20 Drug War News

07/17/19 Tyler Broker

Wed - Tyler Broker Columnist