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Cultural Baggage

05/27/20 Global Commission Calls for End of Prohibition

Global Commissioners Report calls for legalizing drugs with Ruth Dreifuss former President of Switzerland, Louise Arbour former High Commissioner on Human Rights, Juan Manuel Santos former President of Colombia, Helen Clark former Prime Minister of New Zealand & Anand Grover UN Special Rapporteur on right to health + Phil Smith reporting on Global Commission for Citizen Truth + Norma Sapp reports on cannabis laws in Oklahoma.

Guest(s): Global Commission
Organization: Global Commission on Drugs
Link(s): Global Commission on Drugs Report, Global Commission Video on YouTube
Phil Smith
Download: Audio icon FDBCB052720.mp3


Century of Lies

05/20/20 Dr. Rashawn Ray

The COVID crisis is having a particularly deadly impact within the criminal justice system. Unfortunately systems are slow to change, institutional inertia and the unwillingness of policymakers to do the right thing - quite literally a deadly combination. On this week's Century we hear from a panel of experts including Dr. Rashawn Ray from the University of Maryland and the Brookings Institution; Dr. Annelies Goger, also with the Brookings Institution; Marcus Bullock, founder and CEO of Flikshop; and Marc Schindler, executive director of the Justice Policy Institute.

Guest(s): Dr. Rashawn Ray
Organization: Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Dr. Rashawn Ray,Dr. Annelies Goger


4:20 Drug War News

05/25/20 Neill Franklin

Mon - Major Neill Franklin 3