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The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.” We invite you to share DTN’s “unvarnished truth about the drug war,” through our innovative radio programming, including Century of Lies, Cultural Baggage and 4:20 Drug War News. (7,000 programs and segments featuring judges, congressmen, scientists & various drug reform experts, in MP3 format.)

Cultural Baggage

07/08/20 Phil Smith

Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War re premiere of Becker's Buds Video program, racism, pandemic and drug war failures + Chris Conrad Becker's Buds guest #2 re racism, drug war tactics.

Guest(s): Phil Smith
Organization: Stop the Drug War
Link(s): Stop The Drug War
Phil Smith
Download: Audio icon FDBCB070820.mp3


Century of Lies

07/08/20 Anne-Marie Cockburn

Taking Drugs Seriously: Transform Drug Policy Foundation and Anyone’s Child recently held a webinar entitled “Take Drugs Seriously.” We hear from two of the panelists: Anne-Marie Cockburn, one of the founders of Anyone’s Child; and Johann Hari, author of the bestseller Chasing the Scream: The Search for the Truth About Addiction. Plus, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopts an ordinance to allow the establishment and operation a supervised consumption facility.

Guest(s): Anne-Marie Cockburn
Organization: Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Anne-Marie Cockburn,Johann Hari


4:20 Drug War News

07/11/20 Phil Smith

Sat - Phil Smith Corrupt Cops Stories