Becker's Buds Becker's Buds, the Conscientious Objectors to Drug War video series is designed to educate, enlighten and embolden the viewer to realize the utter futility and actual destruction created through belief in drug prohibition. We interview those in the know, politicians, doctors, judges, prosecutors, cops, coroners, Christians and hundreds more. Your host Dean Becker proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the drug was is racist, stupid, immoral and without any benefit to you, your neighborhood or our nation.
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07/23/20 Joao Goulao 6

Doctor Joao Goulao is the General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviors and Dependency, Portugal's Drug Czar. He and Drug Truth Network host Dean Becker delve deep into drug war logic. (6:02) Full Interview is 41:00

Joao Goulao Drug Czar
07/28/20 TOMMY CHONG (7)

Tommy Chong visits with DTN reporter to discuss drug war. (5:24) Full Interview is 35:00

Tommy Chong Comedian
Becker's Buds Promo for 9-11 Special

PROMO for Drug Truth Network video special featuring experts from around the world.
We challenge Trump, Biden and Barr to defend our nations drug policy on our series Becker's Buds.


90 minute Premiere September 11, 2020.
CoHost: Cliff Schaffer, founder of + Scores of experts.
Hi Res File of Promo on YouTube:

Dean Becker, Cliff Schaffer, Joao Goulao Drug Library
Becker's Buds #1 - Phil Smith

Phil Smith, drug war report on corrupt cops for Becker's Buds - Conscientious Objectors to Drug War.

Phil Smith
Becker's Buds #2 - Chris Conrad

Dean Becker hosts old bud Chris Conrad to discuss the passing of cannabis guru Dr. Lester Grinspoon as well as the need for learned doctors and speakers to advance the cause of ending drug prohibition.

Chris Conrad