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​Nick​ ​Morrow
Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Det.​ ​Nick​ ​Morrow​ ​(Fmr.)  Los​ ​Angeles​ ​County​ ​Sheriff’s​ ​Department,​ ​California  Seal​ ​Beach,​ ​CA  

Nick Morrow served as a deputy sheriff and detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked custody, patrol, narcotics, and training assignments. He was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and provided training to hundreds of law enforcement officers. He provided drug abuse education to police, public defenders, paramedics, teachers, parents, and students. 

Morrow is involved in drug policy and community based approaches to policing solutions at many levels. He assists municipalities in drafting effective and intelligent solutions to dealing with marijuana policy reforms and regulations. He is also involved in drug education, harm reduction, and overdose prevention in Southern California. 

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