02/06/24 Danielle Good, PhD

Century of Lies
Danielle Good, PhD
Oregon’s Measure 110

This week on Century of Lies: Oregon’s Measure 110: What the Research Shows pt 3. RTI International held a research symposium January 22 on Measure 110, Oregon’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act. On this edition of Century we hear from Danielle Good, Senior Research Associate with Comagine Health, on Law Enforcement Encounters After Measure 110: Gaps in Decriminalization and Experiences of People Who Use Drugs; and Esther Chung, PhD, Social Epidemiologist with RTI International, on Homelessness and Housing Access Among People Who Use Drugs in Oregon in 2023: A Survey in 8 Counties. Plus, part of our interview with Morgan Godvin, member of Oregon’s Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council and founder of the drug checking and harm reduction organization Beats Overdose.

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