02/19/24 Dean Becker

4:20 Drug War News
Dean Becker Reverend Most High

Mon - Mon - DTN GODAMARAMA EDITORIAL !!!! Drug War is Evil Racist and UGLY!

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I have Been working for more than 25 years to educate myself to the full truth of the drug war. Traveling the world, meeting drug czars and foreign leaders, doctors by the dozens, police and prosecutors by the score. Coroners and scientists, nearly 150 authors thus far. Patients, prisoners, providers and other reporters by the hundreds.

I know how the drug war ends. It ends with courage and a willingness to tell the outraged drug war veterans that "Yes your friends died in a meaningless, in fact evil and vile declaration of war on your fellow citizens for crimes that had no victim other than perhaps the users themselves."

Tell these prohibitionist sycophants, these drug war boot lickers that they are aligned with barbarians, gangs, overdose, death, misery and madness that circles the globe. Only then will we be able to claim the moral high ground and end this stupid and evil construct that was foisted on ignorant American farmers a hundred years ago by supposed intellects who were nothing but charlatans.

There was a time when Drug reformers were required to work in the fields, scratching out incremental progress in hard scrabble dirt. But now, we own the moral high ground every square inch which has deep top soil and a current crop, ready to harvest standing 15 feet tall. Yet nearly all of drug reform keeps working with hoes and machetes. The drug warriors know this and so they play rope a dope, they laugh at us and do everything possible to avoid debating the fabric, the structure, the glaring and ugly failure of their evil drug war.

Its now time to jump on a John Deere harvester, and bring this crop of knowledge and moral clarity to the barn and cure it up just right. This applies not just to Cannabis, but to coca, opium, cactus, mushrooms, all the good stuff God likes. Or we can just be peasants in the field, forever. Silence tells the evil drug warriors that their plan is still working, to forever diminish our rights via fears they embrace for the horrors they created. LEGALIZATION is drug reform, is harm reduction, is progress. Why do we wait to destroy drug war logic, why do we wait to reclaim the moral high ground? Seriously? Why? Do the drug cartels run drug reform as well as they run the US Congress? Seriously!

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