04/23/24 Howard Wooldridge

Cultural Baggage Radio Show
Howard Wooldrige
Citizens Opposing Prohibition

Howard Wooldrige recently gave a talk to Grover Norquists gathering about Policing for Profit on US highways.

Howards Vision Statement:

Envision an America where there are no drug dealers on sidewalks selling drugs, shooting each other and destroying neighborhoods.
Imagine a world where all drugs are sold in a state-regulated store by a clerk making 12 dollars an hour.
Picture a world where al-Qaeda and other terrorists do not make billions guarding the drug trade and selling drugs.
Think of an America where felony crime is reduced by half which allows the police to focus on the deadly DUI, the child predator and other public safety threats.
Consider the prospect of redirecting the 72 billion tax dollars currently spent chasing non-violent drug users & their suppliers.
See a world where, if one day you or a loved one has a drug problem, you see a doctor not a judge.
This world is possible when we find the courage to end Modern Prohibition.


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