04/30/24 Phil Smith

Cultural Baggage Radio Show
Phil Smith
Stop the Drug War

(29:00)  Guest: Phil Smith has served as writer and editor of the Drug War Chronicle newsletter since May 2000. He has reported from the opium fields of Afghanistan and the coca fields of Bolivia and Peru, as well as the US-Mexico border and the mean streets of North American cities from Vancouver to Washington, DC. Topics this show include exposing the world wide members of the drug cartel PLUS  Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org new Deep Dive Into Drug War Profiteering.   

CARTEL: a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest.
Millions of cartel members lie for a living to include the DEA, most elected officials, 99.9% of cops, prosecutors, judges, urine testers, treatment providers, money launderers and banks, most media, preachers and especially physicians who know better but choose to go along to get along and thus choose to first do harm. Cowards, liars, all criminal cartel members who will never defend their madness.

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