Cultural Baggage


Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





05/24/18 Mason Tvert

Mason Tvert goes back to work for Marijuana Policy Project, Matt Elrod Canadian drug reformer, Dr. Melanie Dreher re long term use of cannabis

Guest(s): Mason Tvert, Matt Elrod
Organization(s): Marijuana Policy Project, Patients Out of Time
Mason TvertMatt Elrod

Link(s): Marijuana Policy Project, Patients Out of Time, DrugSense

05/17/18 Deborah Small

Deborah Peterson Small speaks at Patients Out of Time Conf, Paul Armentano of NORML re drug war hypocrisy and lies, Jasmine Budnella of Vocal NY, Melissa Moore of Drug Policy Alliance in NY

Guest(s): Deborah Small, Paul Armentano
Organization(s): Patients Out Of Time

Link(s): NORML, Patients Out of Time

05/10/18 Phil Smith

Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War, Rachel Luba re Cannabis use for end of life, Jodie Emery re Canada cannabis situation

Guest(s): Phil Smith, Jodie Emery

Link(s): Stop The Drug War

05/03/18 Christoph Buerki

Dr. Christoph Buerki the Swiss designer heroin injection program Pt2, Howard Wooldridge Dir Citizens Opposing Prohibition, Sen Chuck Schumer, Dr Gupta & Dr Oz

Guest(s): Christoph Buerki

Link(s): Citizens Opposing Prohibition

04/26/18 Christoph Buerki

Dr. Christoph Buerki the Swiss designer of their decades old, very successful heroin injection program, Prof William Martin of James A Baker Institute, Asha Bandale of DPA re Prince OD, Dr. Sanjay Gupta re cannabis relieving heroin addiction.

Guest(s): Christoph Buerki
Organization(s): Doctor


04/19/18 Lucas Wiessing

Lucas Wiessing Chief scientist for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, a few words from Dr. Christoph Buerki, the designer of the decades old and very successful Swiss heroin injection program and we hears a few words from Portugal's Drug Czar Dr. Joao Goulao. + Neill Franklin, Exec Dir of LEAP.

Guest(s): Lucas Wiessing
Organization(s): EMCDDA


04/13/18 Don Wirtshafter

Don Wirtshafter re deadly synthetic "marijuana", Doug McVay re forthcoming Patients Out of Time Cannabis conference, Katherine Neill Harris at Rice Panel on Cannabis, Okla Solicitor General Mithun Mansinghani at Rice

Guest(s): Don Wirtshafter
Organization(s): Attorney


04/06/18 Daryl Atkinson

Dean Becker speech to European Monitoring Centre for Drugs & Drug Addiction, Daryl Atkinson of Forward Justice in Lisbon, Becker presentation to Federalist Society at Rice Univ. + "Rat Park"

Guest(s): Daryl Atkinson
Organization(s): Forward Justice


03/30/18 Joao Goulao

Dr Joao Goulao, Portugal's Drug Czar sits down to a lengthy interview with DTN Reporter Dean Becker + Sanho Tree discusses his Op-Ed in NYT: "The War on Drugs Breeds Crafty Traffickers"

Guest(s): Joao Goulao
Organization(s): Drug Czar


03/23/18 Joao Goulao

Dr Joao Goulao, Portuguese General Director of Addictive Behaviors (Drug Czar) & Asha Bandele of Drug Policy Alliance conference on changing America's drug laws/perspectives.

Guest(s): Joao Goulao
Organization(s): Portugese Drug Czar
Download: Audio icon FDBCB032318.mp3

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance