Cultural Baggage 2005

12/30/05 Cultural Baggage Highlights 2005 with Author Doug Valentine, Earl Barnett of LEAP, Carl Velley of DPFT, Dr. Robert Melamede, US Rep Dana Rohrbacher, Dr. Frank Fisher, Roberta Franklin of J4J, Ethan Nadelmann, Dean Becker to Constitution Society, Marilda Garnad of Aetna, Mason Tavert of Safer & Dr. Rick Doblin of MAPS MP3

12/23/05 Tony Serra, San Francisco Attorney + Dean speaks to power in "Mordor" MP3

12/16/05 DTN reporter, Tony King, reports from Harris County Jail + Drug War Facts & Poppygate Report  MP3

12/09/05 Reports from Seattle's "Exit Strategy from the War on Drugs" Conference. MP3

12/02/05 Dr. Rick Doblin, Pres of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies + Phil Smith, Poppygate MP3 

11/25/05 James Anthony, Prosecutor for Oakland, member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Tom Angell, Poppygate Report MP3

11/18/05 Drug Policy Alliance Conference II: Mason Tavert, George Zimmer, August Delour, Ira Glasser, Darcy Nunn, Venita Gupta, Mark Greer, Matt Elrod, Prof. William Martin MP3 

11/11/05 Hartford Drug Conference III: Cliff Thornton, Phil Jackson's "Black Perspective" MP3  

11/04/05 Wonders of Cannabis report from San Francisco, with Ed Rosenthal, Tommy Chong & Dale Gierenger's report from Hartford MP3

10/28/05 Hartford Drug Conference, organizer Robert Painter, Mayor Eddie Perez, Malilda Garand Pres of Etna, Patrick Harnett Police Chief, Mark Kazynski DEA, Richard Burton NAACP, Roger Goodman KCBAMP3

10/21/05 Dr. Stanton Peele, author of "7 Tools to Beat Addiction" + Phil Smith, Winston Francis, Doug McVay, Loretta Nall, Cliff Thornton & Ed Rosenthal MP3

10/14/05 Howard Wooldridge of LEAP, just completed 2nd crossing of America on horseback saying "Cops say legalize drugs." MP3

10/07/05  Paul Wright, Editor, Prison Legal News + DTN Editorial, Doug McVay Winston Francis MP3

09/30/05 Garry Jones, retired US DOJ officer, member of LEAP + Ed Rosenthal, Winston Francis, Phil Jackson, Glenn Greenway, Doug McVay MP3

09/23/05  Jacob Hornberger, President of The Future of Freedom Foundation,   MP3  
09/16/05 DTN Host Dean Becker's presentation to the American Constitution Society @ Univ. Houston PLUS Marc Emery Canadian Drug "KINGPIN"! + Reporters Winston Francis & Glenn Greenway  MP3

09/09/05  Kevin Zeese is running for the US Senate in Maryland.  We will seek his observations on the fiasco in New Orleans, the 90 year old drug war, the Iraq war, the future of our nation. MP3

09/02/05 MISTER TOMMY CHONG speaks out against the drug war! MP3

08/26/05  Individual interviews from the "Meth, HIV and Hep Conference in Salt Lake City + Swat Raid in Utah + Seattle HempFest MP3

08/19/05 Voices of Reform from the DC Rally for Journey for Justice + Canada's Marc Emery. MP3

08/12/05 Chris Fabricant, attorney & author of "Busted - Drug War Survival Skills" + Jail Scandal Revealed MP3

08/05/05 "Busted" DVD producer Scott Morgan of Flex Your Rights, Eric Sterling & Matt Elrod on Marc Emery's bust for seedsMP3

07/29/05  Doctor Frank Fisher, we'll discuss pain in today's America and the DEA's inquisitorial nature. MP3

07/22/05 Steve Rolles of Transform, the UK Drug Policy Group & Canada's Alison Myrden & Philippe Lucas discuss use of "Sativex", the whole cannabis plant extract MP3

07/15/05 "The Scope of the Scandal" in the "State of Injustice" with David Dow of Innocence Project &Edward Millet of Grand Jury Assoc. MP3

07/08/05 Jeff Blackburn, Tx Defense Atty of year, investigates the drug war DA's and judges  MP3

07/01/05 Blair Anderson of NZ, Andria Mordaunt of UK & Chris Bennett of Canada MP3

06/24/05 Former Seattle Police Chief and author of "Breaking Rank" Norm Stamper MP3

06/17/05 Dr. Melanie Dreher, Dean of Ohio State Nursing College MP3

06/10/05 US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee MP3

06/03/05 Sanho Tree dissects the drug war. MP3

05/27/05 Dean Becker takes on the Drug War MP3

05/20/05 Brent Andrews Author"Pot Plan" MP3

05/13/05 Jack Cole, Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.MP3

05/06/05 Reports from Wash. DC on the Marijuana Policy Project training, press conf. & Gala.  MP3

04/29/05 Dr. Robert Melamede, Dir. Univ. Colorado Biology Dept. MP3

04/26/05 Alan Young, Canadian attorney regarding marijuana laws. MP3

04/19/05 Cliff Thornton of MP3

04/12/05 Peter Christ,Ret. Police Captain Law Enforcement Against Prohibition  MP3

04/05/05 NORML Conference   MP3

03/29/05 Mike Gray author of "Drug Crazy," Chair of Common Sense For Drug Policy MP3

03/22/05 DTN Reporter "Mr. K" & Rusty White of LEAP MP3 

03/15/05 Carl Veley, president of the Drug Policy Forum of Texas  MP3

03/08/05 Roger Goodman of the King County Bar Association MP3 

03/01/05 Renown Chemist Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin & Wife Ann   MP3

2/22/05 Marijuana Activists in Action   MP3 

02/15/05 Six Members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition MP3

2/08/05 Kevin Zeese Pres. Common Sense for Drug Policy
MP3 Text

02/01/05 Rich Watkins Warden of Texas' Holliday prison. MP3 Text

1/25/05 Nora Callahan, director of the November Coalition, publisher of Razorwire   MP3 Text

01/18/05 Steve Bloom Editor of High Times Magazine MP3 TEXT

1/11/05 Dr. Rick Doblin, president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.  MP3 Text

01/04/05 Doug Valentine author of The Strength of the Wolf, the Secret History of America's War on Drugs. MP3 Text