Century of Lies

Century of Lies, with 16 years on air, has more than 30 affiliate stations in the US and Canada. Running 29 minutes per episode, Century of Lies is currently produced by Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts.






06/15/22 Eris Nyx

Eris Nyx, Dr. Elaine Hyshka

Revolutionary Change vs the Limitations of Reform – We talk about decriminalization and safe supply with Eris Nyx from the Drug User Liberation Front in Vancouver, BC, plus the University of Alberta’s Dr. Elaine Hyshka and Brown University’s Dr. Brandon Marshall on supervised consumption sites.

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Guest(s): Eris Nyx
Link(s): Drug User Liberation Front

06/08/22 Harm reduction moves forward in California

Scott Weiner, Donald Casual

On this edition of Century of Lies: Harm reduction moves forward in California - SB-57, a bill to give select municipalities the option of opening supervised consumption sites, moves forward in the CA State Assembly.

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Guest(s): Scott Weiner
Organization(s): CA State Assembly
Link(s): Drug War Facts

06/01/22 Mary Lynn Mathre

Mary Lynn Mathre

This week on Century: the endocannabinoid system and beyond - a conversation with Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN, co-founder and executive director of Patients Out of Time.

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Guest(s): Mary Lynn Mathre
Organization(s): Patients Out of Time
Link(s): Patients Out of Time

05/25/22 Prof. Susan C. Boyd, PhD

Prof. Susan C. Boyd, PhD

This week on Century of Lies, Canada's House of Commons discusses decriminalization and harm reduction in a debate over Bill C-216, plus Prof. Susan C. Boyd, PhD, on her new book Heroin: An Illustrated History.

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Guest(s): Prof. Susan C. Boyd, PhD
Organization(s): Health Systems Facts
Link(s): Health Systems Facts

05/18/22 Think Globally, Act Locally

This week on Century of Lies: Think Globally, Act Locally - building support for safe supply, safe consumption spaces, and the decriminalization of people who use drugs.

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Guest(s): Johns Gord
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts

05/11/22 Alec Karakatsanis

Alec Karakatsanis, founder and executive director of Civil Rights Corps, speaks to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors about police propaganda and media manipulation by law enforcement.

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Guest(s): Alec Karakatsanis
Organization(s): Civil Rights Corps
Link(s): Drug War Facts

05/04/22 Dr. Sarah Morton

Dr. Sarah Morton

Dr. Sarah Morton from University College Dublin and Judy Chang, Executive Director of the International Network of People who Use Drugs, on Women and Drugs.

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Guest(s): Dr. Sarah Morton
Organization(s): International Network of People who Use Drugs
Link(s): International Network of People who Use Drugs

04/27/22 MP Gord Johns

MP Gord Johns

This week on Century: Legalization and the art of the impossible. The Canadian Parliament is currently considering Bill C-126, A Health-Based Approach to the Substance Use Act. We hear from the sponsor, MP Gord Johns. Plus Eris Nyx with the Drug User Liberation Front.

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Guest(s): MP Gord Johns
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts

04/20/22 Sheila Vakharia

Sheila Vakharia

This week on Century we discuss adolescent overdose deaths, harm reduction, and recovery with Joseph Friedman, an addictions researcher and MD/PhD student at the Center for Social Medicine at UCLA, and Dr. Sheila Vakharia, Deputy Director of the Department of Research and Academic Engagement for the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Guest(s): Sheila Vakharia
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

04/13/22 Sarah Reyes

Sarah Reyes

On this edition of Century we're joined by Sarah Reyes, MSW, Policy Analyst with the Texas Center for Justice and Equity and co-author of their new report “Reversing the War on Drugs in Texas: Prioritizing REAL Public Health and Safety for Texans.” We discuss the failures of the state’s existing drug policies and some solutions, including decriminalization of drug use and the prioritization of health and dignity for people who use drugs. Find Texas CJRE at https://texascje.org/

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Guest(s): Sarah Reyes
Organization(s): Texas CJRE
Link(s): Texas CJRE