Century of Lies 2006

12/29/06 Phil Smith of Stop The Drug War reviews the top 10 and worst 10 drug war stories of 2006 + Howard Wooldridge of LEAP & "Jihad on Users"    MP3

12/22/06 Canadian Barrister Eugene Oscapella + Howard Woodridge of LEAP + Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project    MP3

12/15/06 Rev. Eddy Lepp + Howard Wooldridge, Tony King  MP3

12/08/06 Howard Wooldridge, Mike Gray, Dr. Rick Doblin + Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Corrupt Cop Story, Poppygate  MP3

12/01/06 Doug McVay of Drug War Facts produces a program from Brussels Belgium on the recent ENCOD conference on drug policy   MP3

11/24/06 Sanho Tree of the Institute for Policy Studies, on recent trip to Bolivia.  MP3

11/17/06 The Mind Body Connection: The Patients MP3

11/10/06 The Mind Body Connection: The Nurses MP3

11/03/06 Debate in Colorado, SAFER vs DEA + Drug War Facts, Poppygate & Black Perspective  MP3

10/27/06 DPA Teleconference about prohibition of Tobacco, featuring Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, Norm Stamper of LEAP and Dr. Allan Rosenfeld + Drug War Facts, Corrupt Cop Story, Poppygate, Official Govt Truth about Tobacco and Terry Nelson of LEAP + DTN Sermon Pt 2   MP3

10/20/06 Chuck Thomas of Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative, Jacob Sullum of Reason Magazine & Philippe Lucas of Vancouver Island Compassion Society    MP3

10/13/06 Drug Truth Network Celebrates 5 Years! (Pt 1) with Ray Hill, Judge James P. Gray, Otis McClay, Early 4:20 Report, Kevin Zeese, Tony Serra, Dr. Geoffrey Guy, Jack Cole of LEAP & Valerie Corral of WAMM   MP3

10/06/06 Jerry Cameron & Howard Wooldridge of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + drug war debate in Denver + NPR laughs at prohibition + Drug War Facts   MP3

09/29/06 Mason Tvert of Colorado SAFER organization + Kinky Friedman, Jesse Ventura MP3

09/22/06  Paul Armentano of NORML: 120 studies of medical marijuana since year 2000 + Cliff Thornton, Candidate for Governor in Connecticut, Drug War Facts, Black perspective   MP3

09/08/06  Rainbow Farm Special with Richard Lake, Melody Karr, Adam Brook, Treena Moss and Dean Kuipers author of Burning Rainbow Farm    MP3

09/01/06  Canada's Marc Emery, "Prince of Pot + Ed Rosenthal "deja vu all over again" in Fed court + Drug War Facts 1     MP3

08/25/06  Seattle Hempfest II:  Norm Stamper, former Police Chief of Seattle, Reverend Eddy Lepp  MP3

08/18/06  Summer Special: Best DTN Reporters Past & Present   MP3

08/11/06  Dr. Donald Abrams + Tim Beck + Bruce Mirken of MPPDrug War FactsCorrupt Cop Story, Terry Nelson of LEAP   MP3

08/04/06  Dr. Mitch Earleywine + Patrick Goggin of Vote Hemp  MP3

07/28/06  Dean Kuipers, author of "Burning Rainbow Farm" + Terry Michael of Wash Center for Politics & Journalism, Black Perspective I, Corrupt Cop Story   MP3

07/21/06  Radley Balko report on SWAT team abuse for Cato Institute, Black Perspective I, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Corrupt Cop Story, Poppygate, Drug War Facts   MP3

07/14/06 Mike Gray of CSDP, Rev. Tom Brown reports on injunction against DEA, Tom Loud reports on Rainbow gathering + Phil Jackson and the Black Perspective on the drug war II   MP3 

07/07/06 Cannabis Minister Roger Christie + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Glenn Greenway & Poppygate Report, Doug McVay and Drug War Facts  MP3

6/30/06 Congress denies Hinchey Marijuana bill + Bruce Mirken of  Marijuana Policy Project    MP3

6/23/06 Gatewood Galbraith, author "Last Free Man in America" + Marty Chilcutt, Bindu Nair, Bruce Mirken, Tin Foil Hat Awards, Black Perspective II MP3

6/16/06 Marijuana Policy Project GREAT Seminar + Gala, w/ Bruce Mirken of MPP, Micki Norris, Montel Williams, Jim Hightower, Peter Lewis, Tom Angel & Rhonda O'Donnell-Activist of the year MP3

6/09/06 Canada's Substance Abuse: Philippe Lucas & Norm Stamper + Black Perspective  MP3

06/02/06 Eddie Ellison, former Scotland Yard detective, former VP of Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company Dr. Peter Rost, Dr. David Duncan re heroin fables + Whacking Day $ offers MP3

5/26/06 Dr. James Woodford: Drug Dogs=Pup-pets + Terry Nelson, Corrupt Cop Story, Drug War Facts, "Official Govt. Truth", Karen Tandy of the DEA wins 1st DTN "TIN FOIL HAT" AWARD! MP3

5/19/06 No Century of Lies

05/12/06 Canadian Assoc. of Reform Organization (Anti DEA) Conference in Montreal with Barrister Kirk Tousaw, Diane Riley of CFDP and Terry Nelson of LEAP   MP3

NOTE:  Due to preemption on Pacifica, KPFT, No Century of Lies program for 05/05/06

04/28/06 Steve Dillon Interview, Rev. Roger Christie, Philippe Lucas, Joel Giambra, Poppygate, Allen St. Pierre, Black Perspective on Drug War, Terry Nelson of LEAP, USA Terror on Tape  MP3

04/21/06 Dr. Steven Hosea, Dr. Donald Abrahms from the Mind Body Connection    MP3

04/07/06 Daniel Williams author of "The Naked Truth About Drugs", Jeremy Bigwood on Micoherbicides in Drug War, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Black Perspective II, Poppygate, $100 offer to listeners MP3 

03/31/06 Angel Raich @ 9th Circuit, Cele Castillo re Border Wars, Kris Krane of SSDP, Eric Sterling of CJPF + Black Perspective II MP3

03/24/06 Al McCoy, author of "A Question of Torture"+ Black Perspective II, NYT reporter Nicolas Bakalar MP3

NOTE: No Century of Lies for 03/10 or 3/17/06 due to preemption on KPFT

03/03/06 Will Harrell of TX ACLU + Dr. Gene Tinelli & Drug War Facts, Black Perspective II MP3  

02/24/06 Dr. Joseph McNamara, former police chief, Fellow at Hoover Institute MP3

02/17/06 Charles Thomas of Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative + Chris Conrad, 

author &medical marijuana expert.   MP3

02/10/06 Author Jacob Sullum, Reena Szczepanski of DPA, Phil Jackson, DTN Editorial MP3

02/03/06 Mike Gray, screenwriter, Producer of LEAP video + Tom Angell of Students for Sensible Drug Policy   MP3

01/27/06 Eric Sterling, president of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Cliff Thornton, gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut MP3 .

01/20/06 Exit Strategy press conference, "Where are the drug Warriors?" MP3

01/13/06 Exit Strategy from War on Drugs Conf. IV w/ Eric Sterling, Dr. Steven Ziegler & Deborah Small MP3

01/06/06 Exit Strategy from War on Drugs Conf. with Eric Sterling, Sanho Tree & Graham Boyd MP3